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Military & aerospace magnetic applications are designed to be used in extreme environment and to work for a long period of time.
Samarium cobalt is being commonly used in aerospace & military applications, mainly due to its high working temperature.
The new NdFeB 30AH and 33AH grades could be another interesting choice with a working temperature up to 240˚.


For years we have been a supplier for aerospace manufacturers and military programs that demand only the best components, meticulously designed and engineered,
to last in the harshest environments. From the early design stages to samples to production, we work closely with our customers to create the best magnetic solution for your project.

Typical Applications:

Fire Control Systems

Soldier Command Systems

Modular Laser Fire Control Systems

Multi-Sensor Platforms

Power Supplies and Control Systems (28V power supply and battery)

Avionics Communications Systems

Navigation Systems

Static Inverters

Other Control Systems

Avionics Instrumentation

Specialty Motor Magnets

Aerospace applications that make use of permanent magnets and high-quality magnet systems include sensors, actuators and electric drives.


Electric drives are increasingly replacing traditional combustion engines, making this a growing market in the aerospace industry too.

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